If you are interested in advertising on, you can contact us via:

Email: [email protected]


Some things to know before placing an ad:

– Ads that are installed only 30 days
– Do not accept advertisements that smell of illegal drugs.
– Do not accept ads that have the same niche as this site.
– Do not accept pop up and or pop under advertisements.
– Creative material is the sole responsibility of the advertiser, is not responsible for criticism or demands for the content of the ad.
– Make sure the banner image has HD quality so that it is easy for visitors to read.
– Allowed image formats only GIF, JPEG, JPG and PNG.
– Make sure the ad image size is no more than 2.0MB (2048kb)
– Suggested ads that can be seen when adblock is active.
– available advertisements:
a. Size 300 × 250 (For More Information You Can Contact The Contact Person Above / mo) #Sidebar (Available 2 Slots)
b. Size 728 × 90 (For More Information You Can Contact The Contact Person Above / mo) #Header #Header Top Hot Series (1 Slot Available Each)
#Single Top Post #Single Post Bottom (Each 2 Slots Are Available)
c. All sizes or responsive #Float Center (1 slot available)
d. Custom advertisement (More Info Can Contact the Contact Person Above / mo) (Please Request to the admin)


Prices: All Banner only $25 USD/month


How to Order Ad Slots:

For those of you who are interested in placing banner ads or text ads on this blog, please contact us via Email by sending the following data:
1. Create the title “Order Banner Ads”
2. A brief description of the ad you want to install.
3. URL of the ad and banner.
4. The type of banner slot ordered and the length of installation.
5. The ad will be placed after agrees with the ad and the ad payment can be paid after the ad appears on the page, if the advertiser has not paid for the ad within 1 × 24 hours then the ad is automatically canceled and deleted from the site.


Thank you


*note: Prices can be change at any time.